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Facebook buying Oculus is a good thing.

Facebook Inc. is a public company now. Facebook the platform is just one thing that Facebook the public corporation does. The same way that search is one thing that Google does.

Google also does driverless cars, and maps the world, and makes thermostats. The same way Facebook also does mobile data compression, pictures and now virtual reality.

All companies need resources to grow and scale fast; especially young ones like Oculus. Being acquired by a very well funded parent company is a great way achieve this. I couldn’t think of a better funded and more focused partner, and one possessing such incredible problem solving skills than Facebook.

This is a good move for Oculus. Good luck. Move fast.

When is the right time to throw away your code and start over? If you are asking yourself the question, it is probably the right time.

For the last four months my team has been working very hard on the complete and total rebuild of our application. I have never been more excited and more nervous of something in my life. We decide to completely throw away the entire code base and start from scratch. Even for me this was a ballsy move. We had paying customers on v2, but our conversion rates were horrible. Our CAC was far too close to our LTV and no VC would touch us if those numbers kept up. So, for 6 weeks we ran focus groups, talked to customers we had and customers we wanted, and most importantly manually ran through the appropriate steps to prove our business model Рnothing was more important than this step.

With this valuable information and research we decided the best course of action was to start from scratch. For the THIRD time. Nerve-racking, yes, but also a great decision. The right decision. The ONLY decision.

Fingers crossed – this is going to be an exciting month. Get ready for v3.